Disaster Response

Disaster Mission Statement

In times of crisis, the mission of United Way St. Croix Valley is to assess the impact of the disaster, act as a conduit for donated funds and materials, collaborate with other response organizations to address critical needs, and support efforts throughout the course of recovery.

United Way Worldwide Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund

Our hearts go out to the many communities devastated by the tragic earthquake and aftershocks that struck Nepal and the surrounding areas on Saturday. We have established the United Way Worldwide Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund with a focus on long-term recovery and relief. United Way network partners in the immediate region, with support from United Way Worldwide, will look to work with partners in the public and private sectors to help the impacted people and communities with recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Help Support Flood Recovery in Jammu and Kashmir, India

In the wake of unprecedented floods and landslides in India's regions of Jammu and Kashmir, United Way Worldwide has set up a recovery fund mobilizing resources from the U.S. and around the world to support a recovery and rebuilding effort for people in the affected areas. Donations will help United Way of India support relief, rescue and rehabilitation, as well as improve education, financial stability and health during the rebuilding period. You may also donate INR currency directly on the United Way of India website.

United Way Worldwide Disaster Rebuilding Fund Activated to Support Communities Affected by Typhoon in the Philippines

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to everyone across our network who has reached out with offers of support for our team in the Philippines. United Way Worldwide has been in contact with Rapa Lopa and his team at Philippine Business for Social Progress (United Way in the Philippines). We are pleased to report that they are safe and working hard to identify and address both the immediate and long-term needs in the affected areas.

To that end, we have reactivated the United Way Worldwide Disaster Rebuilding Fund. The fund will be allocated to our partners in the Philippines, and contributions will be tax deductible for donors in the United States. We encourage you to promote this fund in your communities.


We have also heard from several corporate partners interested in providing financial support. If you are approached by a company interested in making a contribution greater than USD 2,500.00, they may do so by contacting United Way's International Donor Advised Giving team at 703-836-7112 x128 or via email at IDAG@unitedway.org.

If you have any additional questions, please email Paul Metcalfe, Director, Investor Relations, South East Asia and Pacific, or Alex Rodriguez, Manager of International Communications.

Thank you,

Joe Haggerty
Chief Operating Officer
United Way Worldwide

Message from Stacey D. Stewart on Recent U.S. Tragedies

Coming Together to Support Colorado and Washington, DC

Click here to read a letter from United Way Worldwide U.S. President Stacey D. Stewart.

United Way Announces Regional Fund for Communities Hardest Hit by Sandy Throughout the Eastern Seaboard

Donations to Support Near-Term and Long-Term Recovery

Donate at uwsandyrecovery.org or by texting RECOVERY to 52000

New York, NY—United Way today announced the creation of the United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund (#sandyfund). Contributions to the Fund will be used by local United Ways along the Eastern Seaboard to address the near-term and long-term recovery needs of communities most affected by the hurricane. In addition, the Fund will be utilized to bolster United Way’s community impact partners that serve Hurricane affected individuals and families who are already vulnerable -- struggling with food insecurity and the ability meet their most basic needs.

At the request of and in coordination with United Way U.S.A., United Way of New York City will lead fundraising efforts and ensure that all funds are used efficiently and effectively to serve those in need. United Way of New York City will charge no administrative fees.

"We know that communities experiencing disasters of this magnitude have immediate and urgent needs, but often the greatest needs occur with the intermediate and long-term recovery and rebuilding of lives and communities. That's the role of United Way," says United Way U.S.A. President Stacey Stewart. "With leadership from United Way of New York City, our network of United Ways across the region and the country came together to create this recovery fund, and we will use it to strengthen the communities we rebuild."

"In this unprecedented situation, we know that those New Yorkers who struggle on a regular basis will have the hardest time getting back on their feet from the effects of Hurricane Sandy,” said Sheena Wright, President and CEO of United Way of New York City. “Here in New York, we will be working through our community partners who are on the ground to make sure that low-income individuals and families impacted by the hurricane are getting the services they need when and where they need it most."

Contributions to the Fund will be used by local United Ways in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, DC and West Virginia to address recovery needs in communities that FEMA has declared disaster areas. Taken together, the United Ways participating in the fund annually serve 11.9 million people, including over 1 million people served by the United Way of New York City. In the areas where the fund is operating, Hurricane Sandy has affected almost 8 million people.

United Way has a history of immediate response in times of need. Following the 9/11 attacks, United Way of New York City created the September 11th Fund in partnership with the New York Community Trust, raising and distributing over $500 million. Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, United Way of NYC partnered with the Brooklyn Community Foundation to found and fund the NYC Haitian Hope & Healing Fund to address the short and long-term needs of affected individuals residing in New York. And following last year’s Hurricane Irene, United Way of New York State set up the Hurricane Irene Recovery Fund to help those in need.

Donations to the United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund can be made online at uwsandyrecovery.org. A $10 donation can be made by texting the word RECOVERY to 52000. Promote the United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund on Twitter using #sandyfund.

United Way's Response to Friday’s Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan and the Pacific

Update March 17, 2011 - We’ve all been shocked and moved by the images and stories coming out of Japan following last week’s earthquakes, tsunami, and now, nuclear crisis. Conditions are deteriorating, and United Way Worldwide is determined to support the Community Chest of Japan, a part of the United Way worldwide network.

We know the Community Chest of Japan has established a fund, but chaos and difficulty inside of Japan are presenting a challenge to them for setting up a website where people can give direct donations. United Way Worldwide is now accepting contributions on our website for the Community Chest of Japan, and the funds will be directed to the Community Chest of Japan through United Way’s International Donor Advised Giving (IDAG) program.

Link to donate: http://liveunited.org/japan

Link to blog for more information: http://liveunited.org/blog/entry/you-can-make-a-difference.-support-the-people-of-japan and http://unitedway.org/worldwide/

The hearts and minds of the United Way movement around the world are with the people of Japan. With communications disrupted by the disaster, we were finally successful on Saturday in connecting with Central Community Chest of Japan. They are safe, but they have not been able to contact all of the local Community Chests in disaster-stricken areas. Central Community Chest of Japan is convening local Community Chests to create one central fund and are collaborating with government, local businesses and other NGOs to coordinate response on the ground.

As soon as we have solid information about the central fund, we will immediately provide this information to the United Way network. We are not activating the United Way Worldwide disaster fund but will direct to the local fund. The Community Chest of Korea has already committed $500,000.

Here are the ways we are helping now:

  • Until we have an electronic link to the local disaster fund, individuals or organizations wanting to make donations to disaster efforts of greater than $5,000 can donate to United Way’s International Donor Advised Giving (IDAG) program – http://worldwide.unitedway.org/IDAG
  • As there are hidden costs and complications associated with contributions of goods or services, we discourage unsolicited product donations
  • Those trying to locate U.S. citizens living or traveling in Japan are directed to contact the U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Citizen Services toll free from within the U.S. at +1.888.407.4747, from outside the U.S. at +1.202.647.5225 or on their website – http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/emergencies/emergencies_1212.html

We’ll keep you posted as more information is available.

Haiti Recover and Rebuild: United Way's Response

Update Feb. 15, 2010 - Contributions to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund support recovery and long-term rebuilding needs of the devastated Haitian communities, as well as to meet the needs of Haitians affected by the disaster who have relocated to the USA and throughout the Caribbean.

The United Way system worldwide and its corporate partners are responding with immediate efforts and preparing for recovery and long-term rebuilding. United Way's role is to support long-term recovery efforts to rebuild lives and communities devastated by the disaster and to address educational, financial and health-related challenges.

United Way Worldwide has created the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund, introduced a text-to-give program, and is coordinating the integration of efforts from United Ways around the world, in cooperation with our corporate partners and other NGOs. United Way Worldwide is also working with the U.S. government – the White House, Congress, State Department, Department of Homeland Security and USAID.

Financial Donations

Can be made at:


Text-to-Give: In the U.S., $5 donations can be made by texting HAITI to 864833 ("United"). Standard text messaging rates apply.

Immediate Response in the Region

United Ways in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Thomas-St. John and St. Croix are providing food, water, and other donated goods and building supplies in cooperation with corporate partners. First responders have been activated and physicians have traveled to Haiti.

There is an outpouring of support by United Ways around the world. For example, the China Charity Federation (the United Way in China) has been appointed by the Chinese government to receive public donations for Haiti. In Israel, United Way is partnering with the country's leading social organizations to establish a field hospital in Port-au-Prince. United Way Brasil is working with corporate partners to collect financial donations, as well as organizing food and clothing drives. From Guatemala, United Way is providing food and drinking water.

Mobilization of Corporate Partners Globally

Together with our corporate partners around the world we are mobilizing and engaging their employees to contribute financial donations (with many companies matching each gift), as well as food, clothing and cleaning supplies. Corporations are also making financial contributions, and offering in-kind donations of medicines, logistics services, food, water and travel. These corporate partners include Automatic Data Processing, Aetna, CIT, Citigroup, Cummins, Delphi, Eaton, IBM, Kellogg Company, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, New York Life Insurance Company, PepsiCo, Pfizer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Principal Financial Group and Qwest.

Support in U.S. Communities with Large Haitian Populations

United Way has activated its 2-1-1 calling center, which provides critical, life-saving resources in communities throughout the U.S., particularly those with large Haitian populations, as well as a means to reach out and help people back home in Haiti.

Repatriation, refugees and adoptees are being anticipated in many U.S. communities. Initially, United Way will work to provide for immediate needs, most notably emergency shelter, food and clothing, as well as other services such as emergency health care and family reunification. Longer-term support includes transitioning refugees from emergency shelters into appropriate housing and establishing a system of social services to help refugees settle in the community of their choice and achieve self-sufficiency.

This support is similar to what United Way provided in the U.S. following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Recovery and Long-Term Rebuilding

United Way's long-term response will be coordinated through our members in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Our members are working with Haitian community networks to help assess their needs. We expect that process to continue for some time, given the extent of the devastation. United Way will focus on education, income and health, helping reestablish the educational and health infrastructure of Haitian communities, and work to improve the income-earning potential of Haitian families.

United Way will draw upon its experience and long history of disaster support including the South Asian Tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the 2008 earthquake in China, and Typhoon Morakot in 2009. We look forward to creating partnerships with governments, aid institutions, corporations, foundations and private citizens across the world to help rebuild Haiti.

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