Family Friendly Workplace

Family Friendly Workplace logoThe Family Friendly Workplace™ certification program is an initiative by Success By 6 (SB6) to connect the business community and families. This SB6 board-led initiative seeks to expand and accelerate awareness of, and build a sustainable funding model to support, a robust early childhood development program.

Described simply, this is a trademark registered program, whereby businesses have the opportunity to earn the Family Friendly Workplace™ certification for workplace practices that support families and provide financial support to early childhood education programs.

Funds generated by Family Friendly Workplace™ certification process will benefit educational programs and service delivery for early childhood development.

Why Should Companies Become Certified?

Family Friendly Workplace™ certification is a way to differentiate your company and showcase it as a place where team members are supported. Certification is helpful in recruiting and retaining employees and creating a workplace that invests in your employees by caring about the needs of their families.  Policies that promote work-life balance increase employee productivity and loyalty and have a positive impact on communities as a whole.

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