Start a Campaign

One of United Way's primary goals is to mobilize communities in order to improve lives. Many of our businesses, schools and other employers invite a United Way representative to speak with their employees. We let employees know about pressing community needs and how they can help. A workplace campaign is an effective way for your company to get involved and improve the community where you do business. A United Way campaign is a fun way to build teamwork and improve morale. Study after study have shown that people want to help make their community better.

How to Start a Campaign

United Way St. Croix Valley will provide the tools that you need for planning and implementing a campaign. You can run a successful campaign at your work site even if you have never done it in the past. A United Way staff member will help guide you through every step of the campaign process. You can get started by contacting Jessica Francis for current campaign materials, which provide a great deal of information about how to run a campaign. You will be most successful by offering employees the option of having a modest amount deducted from their check each pay period. Most businesses then send payments to us on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In addition, United Way can provide an array of promotional items such as:Stories of Strength campaign flyer

  •     Posters
  •     Brochures
  •     Football schedules
  •     Thank you buttons
  •     Stories of Strength flyers (pictured at right) - Great for posting in break rooms!

Take a peek at the pledge form options for your organization: Large, small, electronic pledge

We encourage you to have agency and United Way speakers give your employees first-hand accounts of the people who are helped by United Way agencies and about the importance of United Way in their community. A short promotional video is also available, as well as a variety of downloadable supplies in our Campaign Toolkit. To schedule a presentation or for more information contact Jessica at 715-377-0203 ext. 101 or [email protected].

What Successful Campaigns Do

  • Set goals
  • Include speakers/videos to show impact of donations
  • Include special events
  • Send follow up emails to remind employees of campaign events and deadlines
  • Thank donors and volunteers
  • Are FUN!

Remember to Designate

When you work outside of St. Croix, Pierce or Polk Counties or outside of our Northern Wisconsin communities, you must remember to designate your contribution to United Way St. Croix Valley or it will go to the United Way for your work location. In many cases, you must ask the coordinator of the United Way campaign for a special designation form or manually write in our name. Our United Way number is 53295. Call us at 715-377-0203 if you have any questions because your home town needs your support.