About Us

Our Mission

The mission of United Way St. Croix Valley is to unite communities, focus resources, and inspire people to measurably improve lives in Western Wisconsin. 

Who We Serve

We strengthen Wisconsin communities in St. Croix, Polk and Pierce Counties. Our United Way also serves communities in Burnett and Washburn Counties in Northern Wisconsin.

Our Vision

Our vision is to energize and inspire people to make a difference. We do it by crafting human care agendas and building coalitions around these agendas. The "community impact agenda" is a plan built around consensus on priority issues. It identifies specific sustained changes in community conditions that will result in improved lives.

United Way St. Croix Valley needs partners in order to be successful. Our annual campaign offers investors the opportunity to make a single donation that has broad and deep impact. All funding decisions are made locally ensuring that we impact what matters in your community. Our other partners are the nonprofit agencies, county human services, schools, faith-based programs and emergency services that receive funding in order to address items identified in the community impact agenda.

United Way asks funded agencies to measure the outcomes of their programs. Our annual citizen review process involves community members by inviting them to review agency funding requests and develop recommendations for United Way St. Croix Valley's Board of Directors.

Our Community Care agenda is built around three priority areas--education, financial stability and health.

Job Opportunities 

We are seeking a Connected Communities VISTA member to support our new 2-1-1 center. Click here for more information.  Click here to learn about the benefits of being a VISTA member


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